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Pick a short list of products, get the ASINS into the clipboard.

Boost your selection of ASINs on Amazon.
Time is money.

You, the affiliate marketer
Do you have the best tool to select products on Amazon?

You have probably compare a multitude of ways to obtain product identifiers on Amazon.
Did you find the tool that gets the job done?

You found it today, pickasin.

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As a partner Amazon, your site/blog must contain a multitude of products. You must have a tool that allows you to select ASINS manually and quickly.

pickasin is the only tool completely free which speeds up your manual selection of products on Amazon.

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Get ASINs easily
in a natural way

It is as in Photoshop, when you select a color with the eyedropper tool. You retrieve the ASINs in the same way.

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Why you will save precious time...

Any Amazon website

Use pickasin in any international Amazon website.

In search integration

Pick your ASINs as you search in Amazon. No waste of time.

Local storage

Your data are safely stored in your local storage area. Don't worry about redirections, closing your current tab accidentally, or even closing Chrome.

Quick export

As fast as you use pickasin, you export your ASINs list in just two clicks and the ability to choose export format. The "Copy to cliboard" button export ASINs directly to your clipboard.

Advanced options

This tool is about saving your time, so go even faster with the options panel. Choose, if you to open links on a new tab, or immediatly delete asin when you click delete asin.

Constantly maintained

Being a web scraping tool, we must ensure any changes on Amazon otherwise the extension could not work properly. We constantly strive to ensure that this does not occur.

Get it now.

Latest version: 1.6.0

Only for

Google Chrome

We are happy to help your business.

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